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10 places around the world that no one is allowed to visit

There are many places in our beautiful planet, where there are many wonders and picturesque areas that delight everyone who visits them, but it also contains some places that are considered very dangerous to visit. Or it's protected by high levels of defense and protection systems, or it's simply too special for you to visit.

In this article on the “tops Arabia” website, we have collected for you, dear reader, a list of the ten most distinguished places that have been separated from the outside world, and no one from the general public is allowed to visit them, regardless of their capacity, except for exceptional cases, such as scientists and workers, for example.


North Sentinel Island, India

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are located in the Bay of Bengal, and most of them belong to Indian territory. It is believed that the Sentinelese tribe of the Northern Sentinel Island existed sixty thousand years ago, and it is one of the last societies in the world that is still completely isolated from outside societies.

In 2006, two fishermen's boat drifted into the shallow waters of North Sentinel Island, but were killed by members of the tribe. Since then, there have been other reports of tribesmen firing arrows at passing helicopters.
Since the Sentinelese have not developed immunity to the diseases that the rest of the population is resistant to, contact with strangers may prove fatal to them; So the Indian government agreed to avoid any contact with them.


Fort Knox — Kentucky (USA)

The “Fort Knox” vaults, home to most of the gold deposits in the United States, are the most heavily guarded places on the planet, and for one person to enter the vault he must pass a very large number of procedures, and no person alone can enter admission and need a permit and take more than Someone that can login.


Chen Shi Huang - China

Farmers discovered the tomb of the first Chinese emperor, Qin Shi Huang, in 1974, and archaeologists found about two thousand clay soldiers next to it, and it is expected that there are still 8 thousand still undiscovered.

The Chinese government has banned archaeologists from touching the tomb of Qin Shi Huang, which has been closed since 210 BC, due in part to respect for the dead and the government's fear that modern technology will corrupt ancient artifacts.


Niihau | Hawaii

Not all of Hawaii is a tropical paradise open to tourists as most of us know, but there is an island belonging to Hawaii called Niihau, which is the seventh largest island in the Hawaiian Islands, and it is a place that does not accept the entry of any strangers and is limited only to the locals, because the entire island has been owned by the Robinson family since 1863. Although its owners make it officially closed to visitors, they do from time to time grant permission to visit it for day trips.


منطقة Mezhgorye

Mezhgorye is a Russian region equivalent to Area No. 51 in America. It hosts in the mountains of South Ural a military facility with enormous destructive potential. It includes a nuclear ballistic missile base and it is said that it can be operated remotely. It is said that the history of that facility dates back to the Cold War, and of course the sensitive nature of the place makes it Not qualified to make it a shrine for citizens or tourists.


Google's data centers are one of the most secret places

Google does not grant the right to visit any of its data centers for obvious and specific reasons, these centers are very sensitive and are the basis of the entire Google entity Just imagine the chaos that would happen if someone spilled their coffee cup, for example, over a device or any accident that might happen It happens to any visitor, but Google has worked on a proposed study that can provide a way to make Google lovers roam the place without entering than to provide a way to make Google lovers roam the place without entering through panoramic 3D navigation applications, it is worth noting that The place is heavily guarded and vigilant, as the matter cannot tolerate any complacency.


The Royal Air Force is a dangerous place

The Royal Air Force station Menwith Hill (of the British Armed Forces) is located near the city of Harrogate, which is located in the British county of North Yorkshire. It was established in 1954 AD.
The station provides communications and intelligence support services to the United Kingdom and the United States of America, where the site contains a large-scale ground satellite station,
operated by the United States and the National Reconnaissance Office, on behalf of the American National Security Agency, as well as the largest monitoring station It is known that a
number of peace camps were set up between the years (1984 AD and 1995 AD) near the station, in protest against the spread of nuclear weapons and strategic missile defense in the United States and the United Kingdom, during which demonstrators were trying to storm the fence at that much surrounded station. Of mystery and secrecy


Area 51 of the United States is one of the ten strangest places

The most secretive in the state of Nevada and extends over vast areas. The US government denied the existence of such an area completely in the past, but it gradually admitted some of the activities it was conducting in it, and the most important of these confessions was what was published by the US intelligence agency in 2013 after it was forced to comply with the Freedom of Access to Information Act About that the region is used to develop some of the most advanced types of aircraft in the world, the most famous of which is the stealth plane and some of the latest spy planes and drones, but many considered it an elusive move by the agency to hide the whole truth and hide this most dangerous site in the world. Read also: Top 10 global cities with perfect weather all year round


The Vatican Secret Archives

It is one of the ten most heavily protected places, with 53 miles of shelves, which contain documents related to the Vatican and the Catholic Church dating back to the eighth century, described as containing the most dangerous documents in the world.

Although the archive was opened to researchers in 1881, it is not easy for anyone to obtain a permit to enter the archive, and no one is allowed to enter it for more than 3 months, nor is it allowed to have 60 researchers at one time inside the archive.


Snake Island, Brazil

There are many legends about that island, even one of them says that there is one snake for every square meter on the surface of that island.

And that island is teeming with a large number of the most deadly snakes in the world, most notably the golden-headed snake, which is so poisonous that human flesh melts from one bite of them.

For safety reasons, the Brazilian government does not allow any visitor, tourist or citizen to go to this island.

Ilha da Quiemada Grand Island in Brazil, called Snake Island, is home to a large number of the world's deadliest snakes. The venom of golden-headed snakes is so toxic that it melts human flesh around the bite, and some claim that there is one snake per square meter in certain areas.

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